Madison Loft
When First  Is All That Matters



Madison Loft over fifty years of top level flying in the Greater New York Metropolitan area.

Founded by Rex Pezzella and Ken Esposito in the early fifty's Madison Loft has always strived for consistency in pursuit of the win.  In over fifty years of flying we have always worked hard to perform well in the YB futurities and Old bird Derbies. Where we live and fly that means races of over 300 to 400 miles in YB and 400 and 600 miles in old birds. We have always had the added burden of being on the LONG END in most races we enter. Madison Loft has had and continues to have TOP results in Futurity races having won races in the states of NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT and MASSACHUETTS.

Our family of birds is one that has been developed by great birds from great flyers of the North East. Our birds are road and race tested from such greats in our sport as John Cassone, Joe Pastore, Tony Sorrentino, Al Vergamini, Duke Mucherino and Dr. Piaget in recent years some of the top middle distance families of Europe.






Madison Loft Team
Top - Rick, Tom
Seated - Ken, Ken Jr., Rex
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